Print and Fashion Designers – Sampling & Production

We are working with some print designers and Fashion designers who have exclusive right to their Art work. Being manufacturer of Garments we are developing there Art on to Fabric so designers creative work can be shown on kaftans, Harem Pants, etc.

Q. Are you working with Designer’s ?

A. We are working with Designers. This is our main activity. We do atleast 20 to 30 collection for different designers. We have in-house sampling and production unit.

Q. Are you capable of doing hand embroidery or Machine embroidery ?

A. We have inhouse hand embroidery person and Machine embroidery. We can also undertake large projects on computerised embroidery machine. Our Strong Point in Hand Embroidery with Traditional Indian hand embroidery such as bead work, sequin work, zardozi work, silk thread work on garments. We can send you some of our work incase you like to know more.

Q. I hope you will not use my design ?

A. No, Not at all. This is the first question asked by most. These are your exclusive designs and your property. We don’t intend to sell and distribute the design to your competitors. Nor we disclose your name if we are making your collection.

More Questions Welcome