Individual Clients

We offer custom made kaftans, Abayas, throbes, Jubbah, Jalabiyas, Robes to Individual clients who are looking to get there kaftan tailored.

Q. Do you make your own designs or you can customise a Kaftan or dress from a picture.

A. We have our own designs as well as if you have seen something latest recently in a magazine, Movie, Show you can send us a picture and close up of design so we can follow similar design.

Q. If i send you a picture of printed Kaftan can you develop it?

A. Yes, We do custom development too. We won’t be developing the design as development cost are high for individual printed design. So we can forward you pictures of similar designs from our own catalogue. For Embroidered Kaftan & Dresses in solid colour fabric we can do all types of embroidery. So you can share pictures. All solid colors possible.