We have divided frequently asked question as per different sections. As we are catering to Individual Clients as well as designers, Wholesalers & Retail Clients.

  1. Individual Clients
  2. Print & Fashion Designers
  3. Wholesale & Retail Clients

1) Do we manufacture color Abaya’s?

Yes, Other than abaya in black color. We are also doing abaya in different colors.

2) Do we make custom neck/collar labels for Abaya?

Yes, we do make custom labels, provided the quantity of Labels is minimum 1000 pcs. We will be needing the artwork for labels for development. There is no extra charge for this service.

3) What is the minimum order quantity?

Each Product is having Minimum Order quantity.

4) I would like to know the shipping cost for 13 or 16 or 25 Abaya pieces to my country?

Go to our online shopping cart, select the number of pieces that you want and checkout selecting your country. The online shopping cart will calculate the shipping cost and show to you automatically. FOR UK, USA, CANADA there is a very special rate available (minimum 75kg).

5) Do we make custom Abaya’s or Abaya from photos?

Yes, we do make custom Abaya’s. The only thing is that for custom design Abaya’s we need to have atleast one physical sample of each in order to duplicate with 100% perfection. Otherwise from photos, the Abaya may not have good finishing. A lot of our clients, send us one Abaya of each design by post. We then duplicate the same in large quantity, at low prices and good quality and send them back.

6) How many days will the shipping take?

After payment is complete, delivery of goods can be expected within 10-days for stretch material abaya, Material Nidha, Internet, Lexus stitching designs it will take 10 – 15 days. Material Nidha, Internet, Lexus embroidery designs it will take 15 to 20 days time. Exact time Depend up on the quantity.

We always try to make it earlier. The current average time for our order delivery is less than 13 days. Please email us only after 15 days to check for non arrival of goods. Please make sure to add our email ID to your safe email list info@kaftanfactory.com

7) Should I place the order online or should I email my order?

Placing the order using the online shopping cart system is faster and efficient. We encourage all buyers to place their orders using the online system. Please email us your order request only if you are unable to process the order online.

8) What are the payment methods?

Payment can be made in any currency but must equal the invoice denominated in US Dollar. Payment can be made via PayPal, Credit Card, Direct Bank Transfer, Western Union, Xpress Money and Money Gram.

For Paypal and credit card payments we charge 5% extra.

Sending through Xpress Money or western Union is recommended as it is cheaper to send.

9) What is the return policy for any purchases made?

At the moment, Kaftan Factory does not provide any return. We also do not entertain any return requests for any reasons. However, we maintain a strict quality control procedure and till date none of our wholesale orders have encountered any return requests.
Wholesale Guide & Policy
Wholesale Policies and FAQ

Here at Kaftan Factory we like to think of every customer as a business partner and aim to work with you in achieving the most cost effective solution to your wholesale clothing demands. We have many styles , designs and lines of cheap Islamic wholesale clothing on a regular basis as well as our bulk deals, multi deals and even have a range of 8$ items to choose from! We guarantee to supply Islamic wholesale clothing for every budget. Our team of dedicated staff are on hand to help you with any enquiries you may have, if you can’t find it on this site then don’t hesitate to contact us info@kaftanfactory.com where we will be happy to help.

What is a Stock Lot ?
A Stock lot is a product that has had its order cancelled for various reasons, which can be over production time, buyer not able to complete transaction, The stock lot, as it is referred to is then sold at a cost price from our factories

Free Shipping Stock
We don’t accept any refund or exchange on Free shipping merchandise

What is your minimum Order quantity?
Our minimum order quantity in general is 24 pieces with 3- 6 pieces per design you may mix sizes. For Stock lot bulk deals our MOQ is 60 -100 pieces depend on the stock lot terms & condition .

What is your lead time?
Orders typically ship within 10-15 days. During peak seasons like Ramadan or Eids this can extend from 15 – 25 days to. We try to ship orders as soon as possible to support you to sell quickly and repeat the orders

Do you offer free shipping?
Yes we offer free shipping worldwide on selected products lines. please emails us and enquire us on – info@kaftanfactory.com

Are the products shown on the website your full range?
No, it isn’t possible to showcase our exclusive ranges on the website, if you are looking for something specific and exclusive please emails us and enquire us on – info@kaftanfactory.com

Important Information regarding Sizes and Color Variations we Supply
Sizes and colors displayed on our website are 100% original. You may not always get a perfect size ratio or color due to image resolutions . We are a MANUFACTUERE and WHOLESALER, some time we sell clearance stock which are not always supplied in perfect ratios or color breakdowns. We do however try and provide a good variety of sizes and colors were possible. Because we are a MANUFACTURER and WHOLESALER, we are able to give you very low prices, prices you would not get any where in world with high quality fabric .

How are shipping costs calculated?
Shipping costs are calculated based on shipping method like Express Courier , Freight Services , Sea shipping , , if the shipping weight is 100 kg or more we use Freight Service to save your money the shipping rates starts from per KG 3$ to 6$ , if your order weight is less than 100 kg than you will be get the rates 10$ to 20$ per kg depend on the location zone of your country .

For All Printed Material – There can be some color variation in printed abayas.

For all the printed material abaya, Net Abaya and Lace Abaya, there is no Guarantee for an exact same to same print or Lace design. There may be some other type print something similar.

However in the case of any changes we will Email or whats app and send you the picture you can select and send me which one you like the most.