The Kaftan Factory

Kaftan Factory is a manufacturer of wide range of beautiful Kaftans. We work with designer to develop there collection of Kaftans, Abayas and Farasha for Fashion Shows.

We have our own Hand Embroiders, Embroidery designers, Pattern Cutter who are developing new styles as per trends in International Fashion.


Choosing Kaftan Factory

  • Exclusive Hand & Machine Embroidery
  • Beautiful Cuts & Designs
  • No one gives you option of Choosing a Fabric
  • All Done By Hand
  • Exclusive Made To Measure Service.

Q& A – I am a designer and want to develop my collection with your company. But i want to be sure that my designs should not be used for your own benefit?

A – At Kaftan Factory we maintain secrecy of designs. We are working in collaboration with designers, Bridal Boutiques who provide us there own designs. We maintain exclusive secrecy and your design won’t go out of our factory to someone else.

Export Markets :-

We are working with all countries, initially we started as exclusively for Embroidered Kaftans, Abayas, Farasha but our range has increased from Digital Printed as well. We do modest kaftans as well as bridal kaftans.

    • UAE ( Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah)
    • Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Quwait, Turkey, Morocco, Jordon,
    • Saudi Arabiya
    • Africa, Australia, UK, France, USA.

Incase you are looking for ready to wear kaftan or want to order from our past collection. You can view our collection area. Where you will be able to pre-order kaftans developed by us.

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Whatsapp us +919811054477