Wholesale Collection of Kaftan


Place Orders from our Wholesale Collection of Kaftan,Farasha, Jalabiya & Abayas. View the style no & Place the enquiry. [read_more text="Our Collections" title="Click to view our collection" url="#" align="right"]

Ladies Kaftan Manufacturer

Work with Private Labels

We work with Private Label designer, Startups, retailer to bring there drawings to life. [read_more text=" Service We Provide" title="How we can help to grow your brand?" url="http://www.kaftanfactory.com/private-label-manufacturing.html" align="right"]

Abaya manufacturer in India

Manufacturing & Sampling

Get bespoke party gowns and dresses. All the dresses are designed by our designer. You can order online and its delivered to you. [read_more text="Read more" title="Read More..." url="http://www.leefragrance.com/" align="right"]

Custom Made

Are You looking for a Bespoke Islamic Dress, Kaftan, Abaya or Jalabiya. Well We can help you. Just drop us a line. [read_more text="Just Tailored For You" title="Just Customise it" url="http://www.kaftanfactory.com/custom-made.html" align="right"]

[one_fourth] Women abayas manufacturer

Ladies Abaya

Manufacturer of Women Abaya with embroideries, wide range of cuts and styling. [read_more text="Read more" title="Read More..." url="http://www.kaftanfactory.com/abaya-manufacturer.html" align="right"]

[/one_fourth] [one_fourth] ladies jalabiya manufacturer

Women Jalabiya

We specialise in high quality exclusive one of kind ladies jalabiyas, Jilbab. [read_more text="Read more" title="Read More..." url="http://www.kaftanfactory.com/ladies-jalabiya-manufacturer-suppliers-designers.html" align="right"]

[/one_fourth] [one_fourth] Embroidered Farasha Manufacturer

Ladies Farasha

High-End Manufacturer & Exporter of Kaftan Farasha dresses, Embroidered Farasha from India. [read_more text="Read more" title="Read More..." url="http://www.kaftanfactory.com/ladies-farasha.html" align="right"]

[/one_fourth] [one_fourth_last] Hijabs

Hijabs/ Sheila Scarf

Wholesale Supplier of Head Scarves, Hijabs, Sheila Scarves. [read_more text="Read more" title="Read More..." url="#" align="right"]